Jacks, also known as The Prince of Hearts, is a fate and the heir to the Elantine Empire.


Jacks has pale skin, golden hair, and silver-blue bloodshot eyes. He has dimples when he smiles. His hands are really cold and he dances gracefully.


Jacks appears to be a care-free boy who doesn't care what others think. However, it is actually quite the opposite: Jacks cares deeply for his reputation and has a cold demeanor.



Jacks, who is actually the Prince of Hearts, escaped his card prison and is alive again. Long ago, his heart stopped beating, making him incapable of love. However, once he finds his true love, his heart will start beating again, but until then his kiss will be fatal to everyone else.

In hope of escaping her father with his help and eventually finding her mother, too, Donatella corresponded with Jacks. In return Jacks demanded Legend's name, but Donatella failed to give it to him. Enraged about her failure, he kisses her, now demanding Legend in person or else the kiss will kill her.


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