Legend is the master of Caraval. He is first introduced when Scarlett Dragna begins to write him to come to their Island to perform for her sister Donatella's birthday.


Legend is described to be "uselessly pretty" he has ink covering his hands and up his arms, he also has ink across his chest and back. He has full lips, a strong jaw, and coal-dark eyes sheltered by thick, dark brows. Legend smells like ink, he has a rose tattoo on his palm. After the events of Legendary he has a six pointed star branded of his wrist.



Caraval master Legend is a seemingly magical character in the novel Caraval. His story seemingly starts off as any story: with love. He wanted to be a famous magician and caraval master, to save up enough money to be able to marry the love of his life. He went to a witch, who told him she could grant one wish, to either be able to marry her, or to have a legendary Caraval. He could have one, but not the other. He thought if he was famous, his girlfriend would love him even more, so he therefore chose to be famous. But when that wish was granted, he was no longer the same man. She didn't love the man he had become, and she ended things with him and married another man.


You later find out in Legendary that the witch that Legend visted banished the Fates and trapped them in a deck of cards. When she did she took half their magic, so that even if the Fates returned, they would not have the same power as before. It was this magic that she used for Legend's wish. But she warned Legend that if the Fates ever managed to break her curse, they would kill to get their magic back. It was her way of ensuring the Fates never returned. The witch knew that in order to keep his powers forever, Legend would eventually have to destroy the Fates, or be destroyed.

Legend's IdentityEdit

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At the end of Legendary it is revealed that Legend is Dante.



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